The FAQ/Updates Section is here to help answer your most common questions

Course Maps

We do not release the course maps to the greater public. Why? Because we spend hours and hours setting up our event courses and getting permits and permissions and do all this for the event. Also for Cowichan Crusher the majority of the course (especially the 100KM is on Private Property  – Mosaic).   We do not want to jeoporadize our relationship with them.  We will give out some detailed course descriptions. Closer to the event all registrants will be sent links to GPX course maps.

Aid Stations:

There will be one Aid Station for the Medio Fondo and one Aid Station for the Full Fondo

What Type of Bike is Best for a Gravel Fondo

Any bike is best but specifically a bike with fatter tires in order to run lower pressures. This could be Gravel Bikes, Cyclocross bike, Mountain Bike, Hybrid Bike, Touring bike or Road Bike. (and yes even e-bikes) You do not need Suspension like on a Mtn bike but road bike tires with high pressure and hard gearing (although you can do it on that kind of bike) is not that comfortable and the gearing is usually too hard. We will be providing specific information for each type of bikes with tire sizes and gearing for the event.


How do the Teams work. We have teams of 2 and teams of 4 categories. It is the combined time of all 2 or all 4 Team members and the lowest combined times of either 2 or 4 wins.

Tri 1 Event Policies

Tri 1 Events Refund Policy
Our Entry Fees and all related event fees are Non-Refundable under any circumstances.

Transfer / Deferral Policy
Participants are allowed to defer to the following year. Please Note: If there are price changes a fee may be charged in the following year. Once it is within 14 days of the event date there are no transfers or deferrals under any circumstances.

Race Cancellation
Tri 1 Events, in accordance with, City and/or District, Provincial officials, local stakeholders, venues and local law enforcement has the authority to cancel any of the events for emergency purposes such as, but not limited to, inclement weather, forest fire or threat of terrorism (or a Public Health Condition) or safety concerns. If such emergency conditions force cancellation, refunds cannot be provided since funds will have been spent in preparation for Race Day.  A re-registration fee may be required the following year and is at the discretion of Tri 1 Events.

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